Today was a nice day.  We started out at a baptism.  My cousin’s baby was baptized today.  It was very special since the delivery was premature and had lots of complications for mom and baby.  She spent time in ICU and he spent time in the NICU.  It was so nice to meet the baby in person and see both of them doing well.


After lunch and naps, we headed to Blossom for the last time of the summer.  We met up with friends, enjoyed a picnic dinner and a nice concert.


The weekend went by quickly and it’s hard to believe that tomorrow is Monday already.


We had a busy weekend in addition to our visit to the Farmers’ Market and the Greenfield Berry Farm.

On Saturday, while we were still in the Peninsula area, we picked up our Wee Hoo I-Go bicycle trailer at Century Cycles.  We ended up riding 4 miles on Saturday as a family.  Stephen took Sally in the Burley trailer and Nick and I rode the I-Go.  Nick and I also rode on Monday while Stephen and Sally ran (with Sally in the stroller).  We did about 6 miles.  This evening we rode about 3 miles while they ran.  So far, Nick and I really like riding together.  It’s kind of like riding a tandem.



Stephen and Nick camped in the backyard one night.


The kids and I made it to the JCC for my workout on Sunday.  I did a 10 minute warm up on the elliptical and then completed the exercises (minus core) that I did with Chelsea on Wednesday.  It wasn’t a long workout, but it felt empowering to do free weight exercises on my own.

Monday, we spent the evening at Blossom Music Center.  My parents joined us for a picnic, concert and fireworks.  The kids were not fans of the fireworks, but the rest of the evening was great!

The Blossom Festival is always a great series of concerts.  We enjoyed the Blossom Festival Band last night.   Although we usually sit on the lawn, we took Nick down to look at the stage area.


We entertained the kids in the garden for a bit.  While we were gone, the lawn was filling up.


Here’s Nick and Sally with Grandma.  And, here’s Sally with a nice smile.


It was a jam-packed weekend and we took today off.  I spent most of the day reclaiming the kitchen.  I was double booked for tomorrow.  I guess I thought it would be Tuesday and it’s already going to be Wednesday.  Enjoy the rest of your short week!