My partner in crime and I had our weekly trainer workout yesterday.  We tackled the Kettlebells again.

After a 5 minute warm up on the elliptical, we met up for the following:

2 Sets each of the following:

  • Partner Kettlebell Swings 15lb x :30 twice
  • Twisting Squats 15lb x 30
  • Tactile Lunges 15lb x 15ea leg
  • Windmills 5lb x 15ea
  • Kettlebell Push Press 12lb x :30ea arm
  • Single Arm Kettlebell Swing 12lb x :30ea arm
  • Partner Standing Bosu Med. Ball Oblique Toss 8lb x 1min.
  • 1/4 Turkish Getup x 10ea side
  • Supermans x 1min.
  • Supermans alternating arm/leg x :30ea side
  • Alternate arm/leg Crunch x :30ea side twice

This was my first time on the BOSU since last May when I had my partial meniscus tear.  I really took my time getting back on that piece of equipment.  I fell when I was trying to jump from one BOSU to another.  That’s really different from balancing on one to do another exercise.  Outside of my knee being a little sore from Wednesday’s diving practice, the BOSU felt just fine.  Hopefully, we’ll slowly use it more so I can build up some confidence.

The last few items didn’t use the Kettlebells, but helped round out the workout.  My partner wants to do more abs and core work and these exercises definitely fit that bill.  I don’t usually have specific requests, but after doing the superman moves, I can tell my abs and core need work.

I swam this morning and feel pretty good, but I am definitely achy from the strength workout.  My lifeguarding prerequisite test is Sunday and I am hoping that my strength training and swim practice pays off. Tomorrow should be an off day since I’ve worked hard this week, but I’m hoping to at least sneak in an active walk.


Today, I showed up at the J for the 4:30pm BOSU class.  Usually, Kim teaches the class.  Today, we had a substitute – Joel.  At first, I was kind of worried because I don’t do new instructors well.  I like my routine.  But, I decided to stay for the class.  I had heard that Joel was hard in a good way and that his classes were more athletic.  But, I didn’t know what that meant.

I should have known I was in trouble when he asked how many people usually come to this class.  He was trying to figure out if there were enough BOSUs for everyone to have two of them.

Joel showed off warmed up by jumping rope on a BOSU before class.  It was amazing!

The class was really good and he had me doing lots of new things.  As always, I did what I could and modified as needed.

So, class was going along fine.  It was hard and good.  About 1/2 hour into the hour class, we started to use both BOSUs.  We had them front to back of each other and stood on one and practiced transferring back and forth.  It was all good until he wanted us to jump/switch our feet.  So, if the left foot was on the front BOSU and the right foot was on the back BOSU, jump so that the left foot was now on the back and the right foot was now on the front.

I jumped and fell.  I should have know better.  I don’t really jump much on ground and had no business jumping on 2 unsteady BOSUs.

I got back up and gingerly finished the class and didn’t try to jump anymore.  I mostly torqued my knee.  I wasn’t really sure if it was ok.  Unfortunately, it’s my “bad” knee that was never the same after my ACL tear and surgery in 2004.  Once I was home and we finished dinner, I stretched, iced, and took some medicine.

I sure hope that I feel good as new in the morning.  I have so much going on this week.  I’m taking a wild flower class on Saturday, spectating at the Cleveland Marathon and having my brother’s farewell on Sunday, and going to Fit Bloggin’ on Thursday.  There’s no time in my schedule for any injuries.

Next up: hoping for water aerobics in the AM.