I’ve been working on a Naturalist Certificate from the Cleveland Museum of Natural History.  We need to accumulate 150 hours total over a variety of discipline areas.  Most of my hours to date have been from taking classes at the museum.

Yesterday, I ventured out on a hike.  This took place at the Burkholder Preserve in Ashtabula County.  Did you know that the museum owns over 5,000 acres of land in Ohio?  It’s impressive.

This 24.9 acre property was purchased in 2009.  It’s draw was its location along part of the Grand River and some flora that isn’t found at other museum properties.

About 15 people participated in the hike.  I was really glad that it snowed!


All of the participants were dressed properly for the winter weather.


We had many awesome views.




We concluded our hike with a trek back to the road where we had left our cars.


Stanley Stine and Garrett Ormiston led the hike.  I can’t wait for the next one!