Last Tuesday, the kids and I had a date with friends to pick apples in the morning.  The friends had to cancel due to illness.  We made a date with other friends in the afternoon.  They also had to cancel.  Since I had promised the kids that we would go picking.  We went picking at Eddy Fruit Farm.


When you arrive and check in, there is a map on the table that shows what apples are ready, the type of apple and where they are located.  You decide what you want and drive to the correct place.  We were leaving for vacation on Wednesday, so I knew we had to take the apples with us. I planned to make applesauce at my sister’s house and we picked accordingly.  We ended up with early Jonathan, Macoun, and Golden Delicious.



When you are done picking, you put the apples on the scale and they tell you how much you owe.  We picked about 23 pounds.  We paid $20.70.


Then, I saw this sign!


At $20 per bushel, I was very tempted.  But, I couldn’t take pears home since I was leaving on vacation the next morning.  They offered to keep them in their cooler for me.  Sold!  Two bushels of pears were picked up this morning and I’m now working on canning them.