My brother and sister in law and niece came into town Saturday evening.  We met up with them for dinner at Red Robin since it was near their hotel and kid friendly.  Yesterday, we decided to go to the Rock Hall. We took the RTA from Green Road down to the lake and it worked out really well.


We were only allowed photos in the lobby.  The security was definitely watching and telling people to put cameras away.  So, we don’t have any photos from inside.  We were surprised with the size of the museum.  We were also impressed with the number of interactive musical exhibits and costume displays.  I thought the kids might get bored, but they loved the music and spent lots of time with headphones on listening and dancing.  We packed a lunch and ate in the café area.  We stayed from 10AM when they opened until just after 1PM.  If your are a resident of the area, you get a $4 discount per ID.


After our visit to the museum, we headed back to catch the train.  While we waited, a commercial train passed.  It was loaded with Humvees.  An entire train of them.  They kept coming and coming and coming.  It was a once in a lifetime sighting!


By the time we boarded, Nick was really tired.  He fell asleep using Aunt Jen’s purse as a pillow.


Sally fell asleep too.


It was a quiet train ride back to Green Road after a stimulating Rock Hall visit.  I call it a successful outing.