Today, we made a spur of the moment trip to Eddy Fruit Farm.  I happened to read on Facebook that they were having pick your own plums and they wouldn’t last long.  I called some friends and we met them at the farm at 4PM.  We never go picking in the afternoon, but today it worked.  The weather was great and Eddy’s is only 15 minutes from our house in Mayfield Heights.  They are the closest farm to our house with pick your own.

They are just south of Wilson Mills Road on Caves Road.  The photo on the left is the corner where you turn and the photo on the right is the entrance to the farm.


Nick and Sally both sampled a plum.  I never saw plums growing before so I enjoyed this picking experience.


While we were there, we picked a few apples.  Akane is the variety that happened to be close by.  They are a somewhat tart variety.


We didn’t pick too many since I still had apples at home to process into applesauce.  After the apples, we checked out the grapes.  The netting is to keep the birds away.  These are sweet reliance grapes.  They are seedless and I think were also past their prime.


The kids were fascinated with the netting and the grapes.


We returned to the market to pay for our bounty.  We also bought a few pears.  We ended up with about 5.5 pounds of plums, 5.5 pounds of apples and 2 pounds of grapes.  At 90 cents a pound, we paid $11.75.  In addition our pears were $6.  It’s hard to turn down your kids when they are begging you for fruit.


I’m thinking I’ll try a batch of jam with the plums.  I’m sure everyone will enjoy eating a few along with the grapes.  I’m mixing these apples in with my applesauce now.  I hope they aren’t too tart since I don’t put sweetener in my sauce.


I suspect we’ll have more apple picking when I return from vacation.  We’ll probably miss concord grapes since they are just coming into season now.  Next time we pick grapes, I need to bring a snippers or scissors, it will be much easier.

I’m off to check on the applesauce!