Today, my partner in crime and I had our weekly trainer workout.  Last week, my partner had requested a gym or abs/core workout.

We knew we were headed for the gym when our trainer, Jen began to gather her toys.

We headed to the gym with medicine balls, body bars, and tennis balls.  Once we got to the gym, we realized that it was already in use.  We improvised by using the long hallway.  We had a few members pass us on their way to Yoga/Pilates.  For the most part, we had the hall to ourselves.  Toward the end of the workout, we were able to use the gym for a couple of exercises.

I did a short warm up on a bike for about 5 minutes.  I was mostly experimenting with my pedometer.

For our workout, we completed the following:

2 sets:

  • Tennis Ball Suicides x 5 balls – Tennis balls were placed down the hall about 5 feet apart.  We ran up to the first ball, picked it up and ran back to the start.  We ran to the second and back, etc.  I didn’t really run, but I moved quickly.
  • Medicine Ball Throw and Chase 10lb. x length of hallway/gym
  • Walking Lunges w/ body bar on back 18lb x length of hallway
  • ‘Warrior’ Walk (body bar overhead) 18lb. x length of hallway x 2 – This was heavy!
  • Curl and Press 18lb x 20
  • T-Pushups x 20 total – I couldn’t exactly do a T, but I was impressed with how well I did on these.  Basically, you are in the pushup form and you lift one hand/arm to the side at a time.

1 set:

  • Reaction Drill (side,side,front,back) 30 delightful seconds x 3 (:15 rest between) – This was kind of like Symon Says with us moving around based on Jen’s directional gestures
  • Medicine Ball Overhead Throw to Partner 12lb x 30
  • Medicine Ball Partner Toss side-side 10lb x 20
  • Bicycles 30 seconds x 3 (:15 rest between)
  • Medicine Ball Russian Twists 10lb x 30 seconds

I was super glad that I didn’t pick today to skip a shower.  I worked hard and it was nice to have some cardio and moving mixed in with the strength training.  I can’t wait to see what we tackle next week!


Yesterday, my partner in crime and I had our trainer workout with Jen.  Last week, I remember commenting that we didn’t do much leg work.  Some workouts are more balanced for  upper and lower bodies.  Others focus more on one or the other.  Well, we made up for it yesterday.  My quads are really sore.  I’m reminded of my workout every time I stand up and every time I use the stairs.

I was on the phone about our home refinance, so I didn’t really get a formal warm up.  I also didn’t feel all that great, but I try hard not to be a whiner.

Here’s the workout

  • 2 sets of the following:
  • Squat to bench/Curl/Press 5lb x 30
  • Overhead Tricep Pull Dropset 50lb->10lb x 12ea
  • Standing Row Dropset 60lb ->20lb x 12ea
  • Lateral Lunges x 20ea
  • Isometric Front/Lateral Raises 3lb x 20ea
  • Step-up to Reverse Lunge x 15ea
  • Bench Pushups x 15
  • 45degree sidebends 10lb x 15ea
  • Good Mornings x 15
  • Walking Lunges w/ Overhead Press 10lb x length of gym (1 set)

I’m pretty sure it was the 2 sets of 3 different lunges that did in the quads.  Apparently, I have weak quads and need to keep doing more exercises.

Despite the quads, my arms and shoulders and even obliques  are feeling pretty good today.  I’m so glad to be doing these small group workouts.  It’s so different strength training for a full hour.

Despite my quads, I did 20 minutes on the elliptical and 25 minutes of walking on the indoor track.

Next up:  My first workout at Anytime Fitness in the AM.



I recently signed up for group personal training.  We have a group of 2.  We met with Jen, our trainer on Thursday.  I had the best workout ever!

First, the workout was one full hour.  In the past, all of my trainer workouts have been 30 minute sessions.  I was always given the advice that 2 thirty minute session would be better than 1 hour long session.

Before the session began, I warmed up on the elliptical for 10 minutes.

2 sets of the following:

  • -Squatting jumping jacks x 25
  • -Walking lunges w/ weight in 1 hand x 10lb the first set, 15lb the second
  • -step ups x 1min w/ 10lb weight (using a standard step that you’d see in step class)
  • -Single Leg Deadlift w/ 2x10lb DB x 15ea leg
  • -Shoulder Retraction w/ 15lb x 20
  • -push press w/ 18lb bar x 30
  • -isometric front/lateral raises w/ 3lb x 20ea
  • -isometric oh press w/ 8 & 12lb x 20ea
  • -punching back extension w/ 5lb x 4×12
  • -bench plank w/ front arm raises x :45
  • -tricep pull down drop set w/ 60-10lb x 12ea
  • -cable bicep curl drop set w/ 50-20lb x 12ea

My partner in crime is extremely motivating.    I usually marched in place in between exercises.  My partner in crime jumped around and cheered whenever she was waiting for me to finish something.

Our trainer was terrific at pushing us both and kept us going strong for the full hour.  I can’t wait until Thursday’s workout.  Now, I just need to fit another strength training workout into my schedule.