My partner in crime is moving Israel.  We’ve trained a couple of times during the last week.  Today, she trained our trainer.  Since my partner in crime is Orthodox, she always has on a skirt, long sleeves and her hair is covered.  So, she brought in an outfit for our trainer today.

Jen was such a good sport as she was asked to try out all of the “hard to do in a skirt” exercises.

Kettle bell lunges, passing the kettle bell under your legs as you lunge down the fitness center.


High box step ups


Tennis ball sprints down the hallway.


Floor work with a bar.


Thanks to trainer Jen for being such a good sport.  It was such a fun last session before saying goodbye to a great friend.  The J won’t be the same.


Just for record keeping, here are the last two workouts:

7/30 Workout (3 sets)

  • Cable Chest Press 40lb x 20ea
  • Band Squat+Press x 1min.
  • Cable Reverse Fly 20lb x 20ea
  • Kettle bell Push Press 12lb x 30sec ea
  • Knee Drives x 25ea
  • Band Lateral Steps x 1min.
  • 2 sets of the following:
  • DB Single Leg Crunch 6lb x 40
  • Torso Twists x 40
  • Medicine Ball Supermans 2lb x 20ea
  • Single Arm/Single Leg Vups x 15ea

8/8 Workout (2 sets)

  • Bicep Curls 10lb x 25
  • Bar Push Press 18lb x 30
  • Cable Single Arm Row 40lb x 30ea
  • Shoulder Circuit 2.5lb x 5sets x 10ea
  • Cable Triceps Pull 35lb x 20ea
  • DB Single Arm Row 30lb x 20ea

I was nursing a bad knee, hence most of the workout was upper body only.


Today, I had my first workout with Chelsea since I injured my knee.  My knee is feeling pretty good, but it is definitely going to be a long time before I am jumping in a cardio class or trying a BOSU.  I still am very week with lateral movements.  I warmed up with 30 minutes on a recumbent stationary bicycle.  My RPMs were low, but it felt good with my knee.

Chelsea decided on an upper body circuit workout for me.  Here’ are the details:

  • Push Ups on the smith machine (2 sets, one of 8 and one of 12)
  • Cable Row: 70 lbs (2 sets of 15, weight lowered on the second set)
  • Tricep Rope single arm: 30 lbs (2 sets of 15, weight lowered on the second set)
  • Bicep Curl DB: 15 lbs (standing against the wall, 1 set of 12)
  • Lat Pull: wide and narrow grips- 70 lbs (1 set of 15 of each)
  • Squat/Curl/Stand/Press combo: 10 lb DB’s (2 sets of 15)
  • Pec Fly: 45 lbs (1 set of 15)
  • Incline Chest Press: 30 lbs (2 sets of 12)
  • Crunches (2 sets of 20)
  • Core Ball Alt Leg for ABS (20)

I spent the evening at University Circle with the family.  We walked around, had a picnic and enjoyed the festivities at Wade Oval.  I’m tired tonight and I suspect my upper body might be sore tomorrow.

Next up: cardio tomorrow afternoon.