On Monday, I had the opportunity to attend the Fresh Fork CSA Vitamix workshop.  This workshop was a joint effort between Vitamix and Fresh Fork.  Using the Vitamix and local ingredients to come up with tasty dishes was the goal.

Becky was our hostess and she was great!


Her and her crew did a great job hosting us.  Trevor brought lots of fresh and local ingredients.


Trevor and Robert helped pass out samples to the class.


Here’s a photo with a few of the menu items.  Most of them were delicious.  I took a lesson from the strawberry syrup and made fresh hot blueberry syrup this week.  It was so delicious and only took 5 minutes and 2 ingredients for thick syrup.


After trying many dishes, it was time to pack up.  Several people bought Vitamix machines or dry goods containers.  Trevor and Robert opened shop to sell all of the leftover produce.  It was instant farmers’ market.  I doubt there was much left to carry back to the truck.


I left with whipping cream and blackberries.

I had a great time at the class and decided that even though I use my Vitamix several times a week, it’s very under utilized.  I’ll hopefully be changing that soon.