A few weeks back, a saw a Facebook page about lambs for sale.  I pondered it.  A couple of weeks later, I ended up ordering 1/2 lamb from Blue Egg Farm.  I’ve eaten lamb a couple of times.  I’m not sure if I have ever cooked it, but I’ll be soon learning.

Here’s what our 1/2 lamb looked like after processing:


We have lamb for stew.


We have lamb loin chops.


We have ground lamb.


We have lamb leg steaks.


We have a lamb shoulder roast.


We have a lamb shank.


And, we have a mystery non-vacuumed packed bag.


I’ve contemplated buying a half of a hog many times before and never went through with it.  I’m never sure if we’ll have the freezer space.  A 1/2 lamb seemed like a manageable amount to spend and store at one time.

I’m excited to give a few lamb recipes a try.  I hope that the kids like it too!

If you have any ideas or favorites to share, let me know.