A few weeks back, a saw a Facebook page about lambs for sale.  I pondered it.  A couple of weeks later, I ended up ordering 1/2 lamb from Blue Egg Farm.  I’ve eaten lamb a couple of times.  I’m not sure if I have ever cooked it, but I’ll be soon learning.

Here’s what our 1/2 lamb looked like after processing:


We have lamb for stew.


We have lamb loin chops.


We have ground lamb.


We have lamb leg steaks.


We have a lamb shoulder roast.


We have a lamb shank.


And, we have a mystery non-vacuumed packed bag.


I’ve contemplated buying a half of a hog many times before and never went through with it.  I’m never sure if we’ll have the freezer space.  A 1/2 lamb seemed like a manageable amount to spend and store at one time.

I’m excited to give a few lamb recipes a try.  I hope that the kids like it too!

If you have any ideas or favorites to share, let me know.

  2 Responses to “We bought a 1/2 of a lamb!”

  1. “The Meat Cookbook” by Bruce Aidells and Denis Kelly has great recipes and references not only for lamb but for all manner of meat cookery. It is my go-to book for anything meat. Check it out!

  2. You will love Kathy’s lamb! We’ve been customers of hers for years. If you ever have the freezer space and time, go for the pig too – we get half a Berkshire hog every year and it is simply amazing. If you look at my blog, http://www.funplayingwithfood.blogspt.com and search for “breychak,” you’ll find many posts detailing how we’ve cooked up Kathy’s meats.

    If you Google “lamb recipes” you will be overwhelmed with the many choices for all of the cuts that you have.

    She also had some turkeys available for Thanksgiving, last I heard. Her birds are also wonderful; happy animals make for yummy, healthy eats.

    Enjoy and thank you for supporting our local farmers!

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