A couple of weeks ago, we noticed that something had eaten our bean plants.  I thought for sure it was the ground hog that we had seen in our front yard.  Last week, the tops of our pepper plants were eaten.  Stephen thought the deer were here.  I thought we would have seen them around if it was deer.

Then, yesterday, I was driving home with the kids around 7pm.  We turned up on street and Nick yelled, “mommy, I didn’t know we had deer on OUR street!”.  I turned to look in his direction and saw this:


So, I think we are done putting effort into our garden.  Our yard is small and doesn’t get much sun to begin with, so fencing and other precautions aren’t realistic.  It’s a good thing we have Fresh Fork CSA, Geauga Family Farms CSA, and many U-Pick places to keep us in fresh produce.