Our final stop on Easter was also down in Akron.  One of my best friend’s from high school was in town with his family from Italy.  His mom hosted an egg hunt.  Since we don’t get to see them often, we headed there around 5:30PM.

Sally and A are only 5 months apart, so they had a great time together.


While we waited for the egg hunt and grabbed a bite to eat, Nick and Sally enjoyed some yard vehicles.


Soon, it was time for Nick and Sally’s 3rd egg hunt in 2 days.


This was definitely the biggest of the three.  I think there were only 5 kids hunting.  Each of them filled their baskets and need to dump their eggs in a bag in order to continue.


There were eggs everywhere.  This house had an awesome yard for a hunt.


It was the first hunt we attended where the kids got tired of hunting before all of the eggs we found.  After they came inside, some of the adults found at least 5 more eggs.


My friend’s wife hung out inside with A’s little sister.  It was fun to meet her for the first time.


My friends are in the states for 5 weeks this year, so we hope to get together with them a couple of more times.


Today was the practice for tomorrow’s Sunday School Easter Program.  After the rehearsal, we enjoyed some activities for the kids.

Here’s Nick enjoying a craft and Sally enjoying some daddy time.


After pizza was enjoyed, the kids played a few rounds of Duck, Duck, Bunny.  If you were tagged, you had to hop around the circle back to your seat.  It was fun.


I love mid-air shots!


There was also a brief story time.  The kids were definitely getting antsy waiting for the hunt!


Soon enough, it was time to begin.  We had about 20 kids and each of them could hunt for about 19 eggs.  We had one room just for the 3 and under crowd to make sure they weren’t trampled.



It was nice and sunny outside, so many of the eggs could be found in the courtyard.


It was a great day for photos.


Every once in a while, Nick had to stop and count his eggs.


Then, he’d get excited to find more.


We had lots of happy hunters.


After the hunt, the kids had fun opening the eggs.


It was our first time participating in the church egg hunt.  We’ll definitely do it again next year.