Today was an awesome day!  I completed my first full spin class since my second knee injury.  For the last couple of weeks, I’ve been doing 1/2 of the class.

I was hoping that my knee would be pain free today and it was.  I didn’t feel like I needed ice or a nap when I was done.  WIN WIN!  As usual, I’m careful with the standing positions and still go at my own pace, but it’s so motivating to spin in Beth’s class.

Tonight, it feels a tad tight, but I’ll take it.

I’ve had some other good workouts lately, but nothing makes me sweat like a full hour of spinning.

I love planning my Monday’s around spin class and can’t wait until next week.


I was planning to post my weekly Fresh Fork CSA pick up today.  My computer network is not cooperating.  Hopefully, I can remedy the problem in the morning.

Instead, I’ll tell you about another injury.

Yesterday, while going into the JCC, Sally and I started to jog.  She likes to run to the door once we hit the sidewalk.  I’m not sure if Nick wondered in front of us or if Sally and I tripped over each other.  I can tell you that my left knee to the brunt of the fall as I tried not to fall on top of Sally.  She was crying and covered in mud, but she looked ok.  My knee was killing me.

We made out way into the J and sat on a bench to regroup.  I took the kids to the playroom and cleaned up Sally.  This involved putting Nick’s spare shorts on her since he pants were muddy and soaked.  It looks ridiculous, but works in a pinch.

I went to the desk and got an ice pack for my knee that was starting to swell.  By the time I did a very short workout and shower, I knew that I needed to get it checked out.

I called Stephen and he met us at the library so he could take the kids while I figured out my doctor strategy.  Do I try for a same day ortho appointment, do I go to the ER, urgent care or regular doctor?  I ended up with a same day appointment with internal medicine.

She ordered an x-ray.  It was negative.  I was glad nothing was broken or fractured.  She prescribed crutches, NSAIDS, ice, compression and elevation.

I headed to an ortho appointment today.  He checked to make sure my MCL and ACL were intact and told me that I have a “big boo boo”.  Basically, my knee is swelled up so much that I can barely bend it and nature needs to take its course.

I can do anything that is tolerable.  I’m glad that it wasn’t more serious, but it is still very painful.

Hopefully, I can have a weekend ahead with lots of rest and recuperation and be back in the swing of things next week.