Today, was day off from the gym.  I plan to do a solo strength training workout in the morning.  I’m going to plan out my workout before I go and see how much I’ve learned from the trainers.

I got lots of finger exercise typing at the computer today.  We like to keep our finances in Quicken and I had many receipts to enter and statements to balance.  Hubby took care of the kids much of the day and I took care of the paper.  :-)

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Usually on Friday, I have a trainer appt with Emily.  Today, the kids and I needed to be in Akron for the coupon swap at 11am, followed by some other errands.  I needed to workout, but I needed to be very time flexible so not to be too rushed or stressed with the timing of things.

So, I opted to cancel my training.  Instead of trying to figure out a strength training workout on my own, I hopped on the elliptical for 30 minutes.  I enjoyed a nice shower and we were on our way.  It was nice to be flexible with the arrival/departure time (not tied to the trainer schedule).

We still haven’t heard about the other winners for the Biggest Loser contest.  So far we only have a facebook post with the following:

Congratulations to the Mandel JCC’s Biggest Loser: Rachael Boyd, with an 18.18% percent change in body weight. While the contest may be over, you can still be a big loser. Contact Rich Zatta: (216) 831-0700, ext 1398

So, hopefully I’ll find out the other 4 winners soon.  I’m pretty sure that I didn’t win, but I suspect I will know a couple of the winners and it would be nice to congratulate them.

Next up: solo strength training Sat or Sun

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This week has been especially challenging for me.  The kids are causing lots of stress.  I’m sure it’s just a phase, but it’s definitely not my favorite.  We’ve had too many temper tantrums and power struggles and it’s only Wed night.

Today, I was grumpy, but we made it to the J anyway.  I spent some time writing thank you notes that were way past due.  That project needed to move off of my dining room table and into a mailbox!

I spent some time talking to a staff member about my disheartened attitude about the JCC lately.  It was a good conversation and I have the names of some higher ups to visit about my concerns.  I’m currently evaluating whether to change gyms.  My current membership expires at the end of the month.

I did manage to do 20 min on the elliptical.  I wasn’t into it, but 20 min is 20 min.

Tomorrow is our regularly scheduled off day.  I’m not sure what the day will bring.

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Today, I had my trainer workout with Chelsea.  I’m really liking my workouts with her.  I’m debating making some of them an hour.  I think I could handle it, but I’m sure I would really be beat after I was done.

I warmed up on the elliptical for 5 min.


Woodchops (up&down): 10 lb ball – one set of 20 and one set of 30

Lunges: 10 lb dumbbells – down the room and back (two sets)

Back Extension: 25 lb weight plate (2 sets)

Abdominal Machine: 120 lbs (3 sets of 30, one at 115 and the others at 120)

Plank: 37 seconds! (a second plank at 15 sec – my goal is still 2 min!)

Push Ups: use smith machine (3 sets of 10 – this was a pretty hard angle for me)

Horizontal Leg Press: 120 lbs (2 sets of 15)

Rear Delt: 60 lbs (2 sets)

Pec Fly: 75 lbs (2 sets)

Bicep Curl: 20-30 lbs (2 sets, one at 20 and one at 30)

Tricep Press: 70 lbs (2 sets – need to remember to relax the shoulder and use the triceps)

After the workout, I did about 15 more min on the elliptical.  I had some paperwork to tend to at the service desk and was aprehensive about picking up the kids.  My son had a major meltdown yesterday, so I wasn’t sure how he’d be today.  He was normal.  I was happy.

I didn’t hear any rumblings of results for the contest today.  I know they were cranking numbers throughout the day Monday, but I don’t know when they are expected to announce results.  Hopefully, we’ll hear something soon.

Next up:  Some kind of cardio tomorrow (either spinning, elliptical or cardio dance)

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Today was the final weigh in and measurements for the Biggest Loser contest.  I ended up down 4.02%, 8.5 inches and .8% body fat.  Since others are still being assessed this evening, I won’t know results until at least tomorrow.  Without any interim reports, I have no idea if these are good numbers or not.  I suspect that out of 69 participants, only about 1/2 will participate in the final weigh ins.  Time will tell.

I was happy with the inches lost.  I was indifferent about the pounds since I knew how I was tracking there.  I was not happy with the % body fat change.

I know that the Ormon machine has lots of error variance etc, but I thought I would have lost more body fat.  My number is really high and hasn’t changed much after a ton of cardio and strength training.  I clearly need to take a better look at my diet and get a handle on this.

Generally, my exercise/activity is good, so I mostly need to look at my diet and make sure that I’m not over training.  Also, I haven’t been getting enough sleep (mostly due to our 15 month old) and that causes things to go out of whack as well.  I’m looking forward to summer produce and more local/fresh items to help with the diet end as well.

Today was supposed to be Monday spin with Beth.  After all of our storms last night, her house was flooded so Lori filled in.  She is the instructor on Wednesdays, so I have been to her class a few times.  He CD mix was “old” rock and it was fun music.

Next up – training with Chelsea tomorrow.

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Today was filled with lots of anticipation for the Biggest Loser final weigh in/measurements tomorrow at the JCC.  I’m pretty sure that I gained this week.  I just couldn’t get into it.  I had such high hopes at the beginning of the contest.  Then, the hopes were just gone.  I still think I could place depending on the numbers, how many do the final (required) weigh in, etc.  But, I don’t feel like I did my best every week.  I will also be very glad it’s over.  It was much more pressure than I had expected.  Once people start to notice that you are looking good… it’s extra hard.  It’s also even harder to explain.

I need to relax, eat better, workout a bit less and enjoy each day a bit more.  I’m hoping some nice weather and an attitude adjustment will propel me into some great weeks ahead.  The contest was just 8 weeks.  It will take many weeks to get to my long term weight goal.

I ended up staying home today.  No workout to discuss.

Next up: hopefully my hip will allow spinning in the morning.  I’m already packed up.  :-)

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Today was a planned day off.  Since I worked out every day this week, I needed a rest day.  I also managed to injure my hip.  I tripped in my kitchen.  It’s been really sore all day.  It’s kind of a hip-joint pain.  An injury would be the last thing I need right now.

I’m going to see how it feels tomorrow and maybe I can make a trip to the pool and do some extra stretching.  I’m hopeful this is a minor and temporary.

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Today, it started snowing around 2am.  It kept snowing for hours.  We ended up with about 8 inches.  The JCC was still open and we enjoyed a rather empty center today.  During my workout, there were only about 10 people in the fitness center.  I generally don’t decide whether to stay home or not, we just always go.  If the schools are closed, we take the long way on main roads.  It hasn’t failed us yet.

I had a trainer appt at 9am.  Emily was running late, so I had a long warm up for 25 min on the elliptical.  Then, I had my strength workout.

  • lunges with 10lb plates (across the fitness center and back) – 2 sets
  • plank on ground (with pad) – 20 sec, 30 sec
  • hack squat (with 2 35lb plates) – 2 sets of 15
  • chest press – 25lbs 1 set of 15 single arm
  • chest press – 35 lbs 1 set of 12 double arm
  • barbell triceps skulls – 20lbs 2 sets of 15
  • high pull rope row – 90lbs 2 sets of 12
  • back extension (holding 20lb plate) – 2 sets of 20
  • wood chops side to side (holding 10lb medicine ball) – timed… maybe 45 sec
  • side cable pull (not sure the name for this one – using a d ring pulling from the cable machine to the side) – 35lbs 1 set of 15 (on each side)
  • press (not sure what to call this either) – 1 5lb dumbbell in each hand, doing a more neutral position press than a traditional shoulder press.  The dumbbells were more in front that to the sides.  1 set of 15 while marching

I felt good after the workout despite my lack of day off yesterday.  Tonight, I have the Friday exhaustion.  It’s been a long week.

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Today, I met Kimberly in person.  She’s the person in the videos on the new Star Trac treadmills at the JCC.  She conducted a 30 min treadmill class.  It was great!

I got the kids out the door early since the 9am class was first come first served.  There were 7 spots available in the class.  I warmed up on the elliptical for 15 min and then hopped on a treadmill about 5 til.  I did a 20 min workout and then had to start the program again before she arrived.  Apparently, they took her to breakfast after her first class and it took forever etc.  Anyway, our 9am class started at almost 9:30am.  It made me a bit rushed, but worked out ok.  I felt bad for the folks who had to leave at 9:30am.  They missed a great class.  We also were entered to win an Ipod if we took the class.  I haven’t heard of the winner yet.  Wish me luck!

So, today is normally my off day and I ended up with 15 elliptical, 55 treadmill.  I’m pooped.

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Today, I did 45 min on the elliptical.  I didn’t push hard, I varied the intensity/strides per min quite a bit and it felt great!

I was pretty sore today after my double workout Tuesday.  I felt it mostly in my arms/shoulders/chest.  My legs feel pretty good.  I do think that I need more reps with less weight on the leg extension for my left leg.  I still have trouble with it from when I tore my ACL.

After my short 45 min workout, I enjoyed a nice long shower.  Usually, I am in such a rush as I exercise as many minutes as possible before I have to pick up the kiddos.  Today, was about taking my time.

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