Today, I had my trainer workout with Chelsea.  I’m really liking my workouts with her.  I’m debating making some of them an hour.  I think I could handle it, but I’m sure I would really be beat after I was done.

I warmed up on the elliptical for 5 min.


Woodchops (up&down): 10 lb ball – one set of 20 and one set of 30

Lunges: 10 lb dumbbells – down the room and back (two sets)

Back Extension: 25 lb weight plate (2 sets)

Abdominal Machine: 120 lbs (3 sets of 30, one at 115 and the others at 120)

Plank: 37 seconds! (a second plank at 15 sec – my goal is still 2 min!)

Push Ups: use smith machine (3 sets of 10 – this was a pretty hard angle for me)

Horizontal Leg Press: 120 lbs (2 sets of 15)

Rear Delt: 60 lbs (2 sets)

Pec Fly: 75 lbs (2 sets)

Bicep Curl: 20-30 lbs (2 sets, one at 20 and one at 30)

Tricep Press: 70 lbs (2 sets – need to remember to relax the shoulder and use the triceps)

After the workout, I did about 15 more min on the elliptical.  I had some paperwork to tend to at the service desk and was aprehensive about picking up the kids.  My son had a major meltdown yesterday, so I wasn’t sure how he’d be today.  He was normal.  I was happy.

I didn’t hear any rumblings of results for the contest today.  I know they were cranking numbers throughout the day Monday, but I don’t know when they are expected to announce results.  Hopefully, we’ll hear something soon.

Next up:  Some kind of cardio tomorrow (either spinning, elliptical or cardio dance)

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