Three years ago today, I had the honor of attending the wedding of Jeanne and Aaron.  The wedding was held in Dakar, Senegal in Africa.  Aaron and I have been friends since seventh or eighth grade, and  I was happy to act as an official witness for this very special occasion.  I met Jeanne for the first time just 2 days before the wedding.  She is amazing, and I knew right away that she was the one for Aaron.

Happy Anniversary Aaron and Jeanne!

The civil service:


The church service:


Wedding portrait:


The happy couple with the witnesses:


Family photo:


Aaron and Jeanne with the United States visitors:


Aaron, Jeanne and myself at the reception:


A photo of us in our African outfits in Jeanne’s home town for a celebration:


The United States visitors with Aaron and Jeanne in Thies:


I had many great experiences during my trip to Senegal.  It was certainly a once in a lifetime opportunity.  It’s not very often that one of your best friends gets married on another continent.

Congratulations on 3 great years!