Last week, we went to Eddy Fruit Farm to pick grapes, apples and plums.  The grapes were seedless, sweet reliance grapes.  Turns out that they are seedless, but they don’t have a good texture for snacking.  Stephen, the kids, and I didn’t care for them.  I decided that I would make jelly.  I had ordered jelly bags on line.  I ordered way too many.  They were only $1.49 per pack, but I bought 5 packs.  It turns out they are reusable.  I had no idea.


I started out cooking the grapes with a little water on the stove.  I cooked them until they were really soft and then I ran them through my manual food mill.  The grapes are not recommended for the Kitchen Aid mixer food mill.  Since I only had 2 pounds of grapes, it wasn’t going to make a difference.

After I ran them through the mill, I poured them in a jelly bag that conveniently fit over a pitcher.  Sorry, I didn’t think to take actual grape photos.


After it strained, I tried the juice.  It was so good that I never went to the next steps for jelly and just drink the juice.  Grapes were 90 cents a pound.  It took 2 pounds of grapes to make a nice size glass of juice.  I don’t think I would make it often, but it would be good once a season.

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