While we were out of town for the Labor Day holiday, we found a Farmers’ Market to visit.  This was the Fulton Street Market, the oldest and largest in Grand Rapids.  It came recommended by my cousins who live near there.  There’s a campaign going on to raise money for restrooms, but the port-a-jons are welcome whenever you are traveling with kids.


This pepper display was the most colorful stand at the whole market.


The kids enjoyed dancing.  Nick looks like a chicken.


Sally was glad that she talked Stephen into a ride on his shoulders.


Markets that are under cover tend to be pretty nice.  It’s a bit more community like since all of the stands are set up the same.  We didn’t buy much since we were traveling, but it was sure fun to stop by.


We ended up with a fabulous granola bar that I wish I could duplicate, some jerky and a loaf of bread.  It was a great way to start our Saturday.

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