I had a wonderful time at the FitBloggin’ conference and will be sharing much more about it in the next few days.   Before heading home, I spent some time with my sister.  She’s lived in the Baltimore area for 10 years and I’ve visited many times.  But, until today, I never picked crabs.

Based on many recommendations, we visited Cantler’s.  We wanted to sit outside and was told it gets crowded.  Our plan to get there at their 11AM opening time worked great.


It was a perfect day for the patio.


We had a great view and even saw a few boats dock so passengers could come to the restaurant.


Knives, forks, plates, napkins, mallets and a brown paper “table cloth” were our supplies.


Soon, our crabs arrived.  We ordered 2 super and 4 large, so we each had 3 crabs.  They totally covered in Old Bay seasoning.  In Maryland, it’s assumed.  I’m sure that I consumed more Old Bay today, than in my entire life prior combined.


We had a great time.


Soon, I was off to the airport.  It’s nice to be home.