Yesterday, we went to a friend’s birthday party.  The birthday girl was turning 4.  The party was outdoor picnic style with fun and games for the kids.  Food included hot dogs, brats, veggies and fruit.  The kids enjoyed a bounce house, sand box, parachute and more.


The little girl definitely loves her princesses.  She couldn’t wait to put on this dress.


She helped her mom make this castle cake.  It was so cute!


After the party died down.  Sally and I headed home and Nick stayed at the party with Stephen to camp out in the back yard with the other kids.  By then it was dark, so I don’t have any photos, but there were 4 tents set up.  Stephen texted me around 9PM to tell me that they were playing with glow in the dark chalk and having a great time.  Soon after, another text told me that Nick had requested to go to sleep.

Unfortunately, the night was cut short when thunderstorms rolled in.  Around 2AM, I received another text that they were on their way home.  They packed up enough to come home and went back this morning for the tent.  Nick had a great time and already asked when the next night in a tent will be.  I think his first sleep over was a success, even if it was only a few hours long.

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