5 years ago today, Stephen and I were married.  Here’s a few photos from September 16th, 2006.

I love this photo because we weren’t paying attention to anyone around.


The wedding party:

my sister carol, my sister holly, me, Stephen, his brother Nate, his brother Derek and my brother Frank


Stephen’s family:

Nate, his wife Jen, Stephen’s dad, me, Stephen, Stephen’s mom, our niece Maggie, Derek


My family:

Frank, my dad, me, Stephen, my mom, our nephew Lance, Holly and Carol


Dan and Lily:

Lily was due in October of 2006, she decided to come in August.  She was still in the hospital when we got married and Dan stayed in Maryland with her.  I wanted to include them in our wedding album, so Lily and Dan got dressed up for photos at the hospital.

Stephen and I with my grandpa and grandma.


We had a great wedding day!  Happy Anniversary Stephen!  I love you.

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  1. A very Happy Anniversary to both of you .LOVE you guys.

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