Nick started preschool today.  He’s four and a half and will have one year of preschool before kindergarten.  Nick’s been counting down the days until preschool for weeks.  He has been super excited to start.  He’s really super excited to not have to take naps, since he’ll be in school from 12-3PM.  He’s also very interested in snack time.


I took a few obligatory photos outside of the school.


Today, he went for an hour and a half, tomorrow is 2 hrs. and then on Wednesday, he’ll go the full 3 hours.  There’s no separation anxiety with him.  He’s very used to being away from me for a few hours at a time.  I think Sally will have the bigger adjustment.  Today, she had a play date since siblings weren’t supposed to come.  Hopefully, she’ll be in a good routine to nap while he’s at school by the end of the week.

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