I’ve been continuing with my training to become a Cleveland Museum of Natural History docent.  I first wrote about becoming a docent a couple of weeks ago.

So far, we have covered astronomy, volcanoes, plate tectonics, earthquakes, rocks, gems, minerals, caves, Ohio geology and more.  I love this class!

We are basically getting an in depth tour all of the nooks and crannies the museum has to offer.  We are meeting many of the museum staff and educators along the way.  It’s amazing how many cool exhibits that I have just walked by in the past and never stopped to digest.

Each session we take a quiz which usually consists of a review of the previous session in the format of how we would use our knowledge with visitors.

My favorite thing so far is the rock and mineral touch cart.  As a docent, we’re able to take the carts out and use them to interact and educate visitors.  I can’t wait to practice with Nick and Sally.  I met another docent who had the cart out after our class finished with it on Saturday.  She knew all of the rocks and minerals inside and out.  She was great with the visitors.  I hope that I can schedule time to work at the cart with her soon.  As docents in training, we can learn a lot from the more experienced docents.

Next up we’ll be discussing taxonomy and climate change.  I’m excited to continue on my journey to become a docent.

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