Continuing with greens week.  One of the items that we received this week was Napa cabbage.  It looks more like romaine lettuce than cabbage.  One of my friends had suggested using it in stir fry.


My husband likes Asian flavors, including sesame oil.  I do not care for many Asian spices (especially sesame oil).  So, this dish was going to be for him and probably Nick.

I cleaned and chopped the Napa cabbage and put it aside in a bowl.

I put some sesame oil in a pan and heated it for a bit with a chopped garlic clove.  I added 1/2 cup water and some broccoli crowns.  I cooked it for a few minutes and then I added the cabbage along with some chopped mushrooms and leftover (cooked chicken) that we had in the fridge.

As the dish was cooking, I thought about spices and added some powdered orange peel.  I thought it would go well with the garlic and sesame oil.

I also realized that I had a package of Ramen noodles in the cupboard.  I discarded the flavor packet, crushed the dry noodles and stirred them in.

In just a few minutes, the dish was done.  Unfortunately, I didn’t snap a photo.  The reviews from Stephen and Nick were great.

Greens day two is complete.  Napa cabbage works well in improvised stir fry.

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