Today bombed.  I didn’t feel well and ate terribly.  Tomorrow is a new day.

I know that too many carbs make me feel like crap, but I still can’t always resist.

New:stove top whipped oatmeal
1/2c oatmeal, 1/2c water, 1/2c milk, 1 banana, 1t chia seeds, 1t vanilla, 2t brown sugar=6
Morning Snack
potato chips=8
Twix bar=7
Pretzel M&Ms=6
(arrived at the drug store(s) hungry and ate impulsively)
pasta, sausage, sauce=10
Afternoon Snack
trail mix=8
Hoggy's (one of our favorite restaurants; points approximated)
pulled pork w/sauce=8
baked beans=5=
sweet potato casserole=6
corn bread=6
Late Snack
1c applesauce w/@ 2T quick oats and 1/2T brown sugar=1
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Today was a planned day of rest.  As you recall, I did a long workout on my normal day off Thursday.  I needed a break today and my body agreed.  I spent most of the morning at the Dr office and three pharmacies.  I’ve had a cough for over a week and it was impacting my ability to get a good nights rest.  So, now I have some expensive and hopefully good drugs, so I can breathe without coughing.

I thought I’d take this opportunity to talk about getting to the gym.  I generally make it to the gym 5-6 days a week.  I work out at the JCC (Mandel Jewish Community Center).  Sometimes, we just call it the “J”.  The JCC has been going under lots of renovations for a couple of years now.  Recently, they opened the new fitness center, but we’ve also seen new locker rooms, renovated group exercise rooms, etc.  It is already nice and will be even nicer when all of the construction is complete.  I’ve been a member for just over three years.  I joined when I was pregnant with my son.

The JCC has a Kid Kare program where for an extra fee, I can drop my kids off for up to 2 hours a day.  It’s worth every penny to get a good workout (and shower) each day that we go.  The kids love the staff at Kid Kare and I love that they make it so easy to work out.

My commitment to working out starts with signing up for Kid Kare.  Besides, paying each month, we also need to sign up a week or more in advance.  Everyone (including my kids) know that we go S, M, T, W, F each week.  Getting to the J in time for a trainer appointment or a certain class is always a challenge.  I think we are finally starting to get the hang of it.

My preparations start the night before.  I pack my gym bag.  Most of my items are left in the bag from day to day, so I just need to pack clothes, a towel and check shoes.  I take sneakers for most workouts and cycle shoes w/cleats for spin class.  I use a triathlon bag that I received for Christmas a few years back.  It works great.  Here is a photo.  I use the “helmet” area for shower shoes, the bottom pouch for workout shoes, the side pockets for my i pod, snack, strength training sheets, pass, etc.  I put the rest of my gear in the main compartment.

Next, I pack for the kids.  I have a basket that acts as my staging area.  To the basket, I add a water bottle for me (two if it is a spin day), a snack cup for each kid, a cooler bag (for bottles the next morning), a small diaper changing bag, a bag with a change of clothes for each kid, slippers for wearing after the boots come off, a water bottle for my son, mittens for each of us and my purse.

Lastly, I try to lay out clothes for each of us the night before and make sure there are bottles of milk in the fridge.

In the morning, we have just a few things left before we can leave for the “play room”.  We get breakfast, get dressed, and add bottles and ice packs to the cooler bag.  I also pack my tuna fish snack and add it to the cooler.  Once we are ready to leave, we visit the bathroom and change the little one’s diaper before finding coats and heading to the car.  Sometimes we get extra help getting out the door from hubby, other days we are on our own.

Once we get to the JCC, we park far away.  We like to have space on both sides of the car to allow for getting kids outs, setting up the stroller for the little one, etc.  The walk is good for everyone and it’s a bit safer than parking around lots of cars.  My almost three year old loves scanning our card upon entry and always wants to run to the play room.  I’m pretty sure that means he likes it.  :-)  He’s also been enjoying the construction… cranes, painters, open entrances, closed entrances, etc.  It’s been a different J everyday!

It’s certainly a process, but our health is worth every minute.  I enjoy going and taking the kids.  I also enjoy going to the gym on Saturdays solo whenever I get the chance.  :-)

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