Today was a tough food day.  I let my emotions get a hold of me this morning and it’s been rough ever since.

1/2c oatmeal made w/1c milk, 1c blueberries, cinnamon and 1pk of Equal=6
Morning Snack
1 pouch tuna fish w/1pk fat free mayo, 1T relish=3
2 clementines
small portion of pasta w/BBQ chicken (w/peppers, pineapple, onions)=4
(definitely not point worthy)
blue cheese=3
Camembert cheese=3
Afternoon Snack
banana ice cream (just pureed frozen bananas-yum!)
milk w/caramel syrup=4
bison burger on Arnold Thin w/BBQ sauce, mushrooms=7
roasted mini bell peppers w/olive oil=2
Late Snack
1c homemade applesauce w/cinnamon (no sugar)
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Monday is the best day to spin at the JCC.  Beth teaches the 9:30am class and she is phenomenal!  I am so glad that I had her for my first spin class (after a long hiatus) last June.   I plan my life around this class every week.  Spinning is tough and can be intimidating.  When you have a good great instructor like Beth, it’s easy to get started.  Beth gets there early (and you should too since her class is always full) and helps new folks get set up on their bikes.  She always has a few gel seat covers and extra water just in case.  My favorite quote from Beth is “you are the boss of you”.  I think it’s great advice for everyone, especially if you are new.  It boils down to you are in control of how fast and hard you pedal and if you sit or stand.  It really doesn’t matter what your neighbors are doing.

Spinning is my only “2 water bottle class”.  One water bottle doesn’t cut it.  The music selection is to my taste and I always get a great workout from this class.

Today workout – 5 min warm up on a brand new Elliptical; 1 hour spin class on a brand new spinning bike.

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Now that my blog is up and running,  I’m playing a bit of catch up.   I wanted to capture my workouts to date.  These aren’t detailed, but are a good reminder that I have worked out 6 days a week all year.

Most of the class/spin days are usually accompanied by a few weights.  The trainer days always have at least 20 min of cardio (usually elliptical).  My records will hopefully get more complete as we go.

1/1-cardio class

1/2-cardio class

1/3-spin w/Beth

1/4-train w/Chelsea

1/5-spin w/Lori

1/6-day off

1/7-train w/Emily

1/8-spin w/Terri

1/9-misc workout (pool, row, few machines)

1/10-spin w/Beth

1/11-train w/Chelsea, Biggest Loser workout in the evening.

1/12-spin w/Lori

1/13-day off

1/14 train w/Emily

1/15 cardio dance w/Chrystal

1/16-cardo class

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