I’ve been trying to spin 2-3 times a week.  Wednesday, the spin class usually fits well into my schedule.  Today was no exception.  I set up my bike around 9:10am and then headed to the fitness center for 3 sets of abs on the abdominal machine (30 reps at 75 pounds).  While I was there, I also practiced standing on one foot while doing shoulder presses.  I used the 8 pound dumbbells.  I did 4 on each leg.

I was exhausted today.  I think the week was just catching up with me.  I took the spin class, but I spent more time in the saddle and less time standing than normal.  I had a great workout, but didn’t push as hard with my knee and I feel great tonight.

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Jan 262011

Today wasn’t the best day.  I couldn’t believe that Taco Bell nachos were 8 points.  Yikes!

1/2c oatmeal made w/1c milk, 1 pear, cinnamon, 1pk Equal=6
Morning Snack
1 pouch tuna fish w/1pk fat free mayo, 1T relish=3
pizza chop bread (olives, turkey pepperoni, peppers, shallots, mushrooms)=14
Afternoon Snack
chicken sandwich=6
cheese roll up=5
(stopped at Taco Bell after class)
Late Snack
1 egg w/10 olives and mustard=3
peach cobbler=7
(next time I should pitch the leftover)
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