Today was a crazy day for our household.  I went to bed last night with a planned hike this morning.  I woke up feeling yucky and spent much of the day sleeping.  Sally hasn’t been herself for a couple of days.  She seems fine for a few hours and then has a total meltdown.  Hopefully, she’ll feel better soon.

Stephen felt the brunt of things today.  I chilled on the sofa and napped off and on.  He took the kids for haircuts, shoes, bananas, and a craft before lunch.  After lunch he held Sally for a long time since she did not want to go to her bed for a nap, but clearly needed one.

Nick played for a really long time before finally napping.  By then, Sally had tried her bed and didn’t last.  While I got a nap, Stephen didn’t really even get a break.

Fast forward to dinner time….

Stephen asked me if I wanted to order a pizza for dinner.  Pizza is one of my favorite foods.  I could eat it every day.  I especially like pizza with tons of meat topping and thick crust.  The richer and saucier the tomato sauce the better.  Ordering a pizza is easy.  The kids love it when the pizza man comes to the door.  The problem is that pizza delivered is about $15.  We can choose to spend $15 on pizza, but it’s not really good for us and we’d rather go out to a nicer restaurant once in a while than spend $15 a week on pizza.

But, it was one of those days.  We were all tired and grumpy.  Pizza would taste great.

We talk about dinner plans several times and then I just decided to gather some energy and make dinner.  Then, I decided I had enough energy to clean the kitchen or make dinner.  I didn’t have enough energy for both.  When it was all said and done, we ate chili from our freezer along with freshly made corn muffins.  It was delicious and it was better than spending $15 on a pizza.

After dinner, Stephen took the kids on a run to Target.  He was gone just long enough for me to get the kitchen clean.

An hour later, the kitchen is clean, the toys are picked up and both kids are sleeping.  It’s ending up a pretty good day.

I’m proud of myself for not going the pizza route.  I’m also reminded that we need to keep a couple of easy meals in the freezer for nights like this.  It’s better for our waistline and our budget.

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