I signed up for the Biggest Loser contest at our gym again this year.  There’s a discount on personal training packages if you participate in the contest, so it was a no-brainer.  I was planning on attending all of the workouts, but needed to miss the first one due to Grandpa’s death.

My friend offered to guest post by giving  me her thoughts.  In addition, the  J sent out a copy of the workout, but I haven’t had a chance to review it in detail.

Biggest Loser workout numero uno

Hey gang! It is your resident vegan blogger come to bring you the first Biggest loser workout. I thought it was a big loser, but that is due to the fact that there were too many people in the gym, the trainers did not all yell loud enough to be heard over the basketball being played.  I was able to slack off if I wanted to since the group was so large (seriously, I need someone riding my butt if I’m going to get a really great workout. Although Rich did come around and pick on me bunches. Especially during the hard-for-me stuff. Thanks Rich). They were great about offering modifications for everything but that meant that some people just did the modification because it was easier (I know at least one person who did at least, ahem hubby).

The breakdown:
Five minutes of warm ups: walking/jogging around the gym and some shuffling.

It was hard for me to slow my pace enough as there were  fifty people trying to circle the gym together, but it was a good reminder that warming up is a good idea.

Fifteen minutes of fifteen exercises:
We did each exercise for 30 seconds and then repeated the circuit.
Some were harder than others. I recall cherry pickers, twist jumps, grapevines, jumping jacks,  heel kicks, butt kicks, basketball jumps and flip jumps as well as plank walks. I’ll be honest, the others ellude me right now.

Arms and legs:
They split us up into groups of twenty five and each group did fifteen minutes of arms or legs and then we switched. For arms we did pushups on the BOSU, oblique twists, lifts with the BOSU, presses with the BOSU, bicep curls with a band, and more jumping jacks. For legs there were squats, jumping jacks, split leg squats, and plie squats.

I skipped the cooldown as my kids were watching me over the partition and just wanted to go home.

For a first workout it was not bad. (I was expecting worse based on last year’s first workout). I’m not sure I should have missed my beloved 20/20/20 class for it, but I look forward to the workouts getting harder as they learn better what we are all capable of. Here’s hopin’ I hurt after next week’s workout.

Thanks for filling us in.  I’m excited for the pool workout this week.



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