A few days ago, I told you about Bendables.  Since then, they have acquired a new name.  Nick calls them Sticky Sticks.  Apparently, the gluey type of substance that helps them stick together is sticky.  He always calls them Sticky Sticks and always wants to wash his hands without being prompted after each use.

Nick hasn’t been napping much lately.  Instead, he comes down and asks for the container with the sticks.  He takes it up to his room and plays.  If he’s not going to nap, the next best thing is for him to play quietly.

Today, he wanted to play with them.  He was so excited to show me what he made.


It’s a bowling ball and a stick for bowling.  He puts the ball on the table and hits it with the stick.  He was not happy with his first prototype since the ball roll crookedly.


He kept adding pieces to the sides and was so excited when the ball rolled straight.  By the way, I’m sure the way the ball rolls is mostly due to the player of the game and not the engineering of the ball.  But, it was so fun to watch him at work designing!


It worked!


Sally was feeling left out on the photo opportunity.  She wanted a photo of her pretzels so everyone could see her snack.


I’m having a super productive day and with an hour left until bed, I’m off to work on my list.