Grandpa passed away on Monday.  We’ve spent the week crying, laughing, remembering and celebrating his life.  There are so many memories of this week.  I thought I’d make a list of the ones that come to mind, but I’m sure I won’t remember everything.

  • “Hi Linnie!, Thanks for coming.”  These are the last words that Grandpa ever said to me.  I was glad that I was able to see him while he still knew me.
  • Stephen, Nick and Sally had a great visit with Grandpa on January 1st.  It was a totally normal visit with the Browns game on the television and the sound to the game on the radio.  He made sure that we had a bit of pork and sauerkraut while we were there.
  • Watching my Grandma say goodbye after 65 years of marriage was the single hardest thing that I ever have done.
  • Grandpa was able to die in peace, at home, surrounded by family.  There was a full house at the time of his death.  That was fitting since Grandpa loved to gamble.
  • All 8 of his children and their spouses were able to be in town most of the week.  Most of the grandchildren and great-grandchildren were also in town.  We had family come from Florida, Maryland, California, Michigan, Washington, North Carolina and ITALY!
  • Uncle Mike used the “Spirit App” on his iPad to share a glimpse of heaven with us at the funeral home.
  • I played taps at the cemetary.  It was frigid.  It was an honor.
  • Much of the week was spent looking at photos and creating photo displays for display at the funeral home and luncheon.  There were 12 boards total.


  • At one point there were 6 computers, a Nook, a tablet and several phones connected to G&G’s WiFi network.  I think it overloaded.
  • We took Nick and Sally to the funeral home for a small bit of the calling hours.  It was their first experience with death.
  • Nick got croup and spent several hours in the ER Monday night.
  • Nick got an early birthday present from his aunt and uncle.  It’s a baseball and glove.


Grandpa was known for making bow-ties out of crisp dollar bills.  My sister showed up at the funeral home with hers and my Grandma thought it was great.  She went and got a box that contained a bunch that Grandpa had made.  Within a few minutes, we were all wearing them at the calling hours.  It was a great tribute.  Many people who came in to see the family knew exactly what they were for.


He’d give you a dollar so you’d never be broke.  We’re all rich and blessed since we knew him.  Love you Grandpa!

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