I recently signed up for group personal training.  We have a group of 2.  We met with Jen, our trainer on Thursday.  I had the best workout ever!

First, the workout was one full hour.  In the past, all of my trainer workouts have been 30 minute sessions.  I was always given the advice that 2 thirty minute session would be better than 1 hour long session.

Before the session began, I warmed up on the elliptical for 10 minutes.

2 sets of the following:

  • -Squatting jumping jacks x 25
  • -Walking lunges w/ weight in 1 hand x 10lb the first set, 15lb the second
  • -step ups x 1min w/ 10lb weight (using a standard step that you’d see in step class)
  • -Single Leg Deadlift w/ 2x10lb DB x 15ea leg
  • -Shoulder Retraction w/ 15lb x 20
  • -push press w/ 18lb bar x 30
  • -isometric front/lateral raises w/ 3lb x 20ea
  • -isometric oh press w/ 8 & 12lb x 20ea
  • -punching back extension w/ 5lb x 4×12
  • -bench plank w/ front arm raises x :45
  • -tricep pull down drop set w/ 60-10lb x 12ea
  • -cable bicep curl drop set w/ 50-20lb x 12ea

My partner in crime is extremely motivating.    I usually marched in place in between exercises.  My partner in crime jumped around and cheered whenever she was waiting for me to finish something.

Our trainer was terrific at pushing us both and kept us going strong for the full hour.  I can’t wait until Thursday’s workout.  Now, I just need to fit another strength training workout into my schedule.