Here’s my part two of statistics from the past year of blogging.

Top three posts:
1. /2011/06/26/recipe-summer-squash-like-zucchini-fritters/
2. /2011/08/04/lyndhursts-brainard-road-splash-park/
3. /2011/06/11/recipe-chunky-tomato-béchamel-sauce/

At some point, I linked my zucchini fritter post to a popular blog.  I never expected so many hits on one post.  That day was my busiest for the blog.  The splash park was quite popular.  Last summer was the first season for the new park.  Then, there’s the standby of the béchamel sauce.  I wonder how many people actually made the recipe.

Top three category pages (by number of visits):
1. csa
2. recipe
3. u-pick

The top categories are from when people visit the blog and search based on a particular topic area.  It’s fun that my CSA and U-Pick topic areas have been so popular.  I’ve really been enjoying the eat local movement.  Getting to know local products and farms is fascinating.

2012 Plans

  • Continue U-Pick posts
  • Continue CSA Pick Up posts
  • Run series on joining and prepping for a CSA
  • Get back to exercise and weight loss posts
  • Continue to highlight adventures with Nick and Sally
  • Formalize more recipes (especially ones using local and real ingredients)
  • Continue to post everyday

Here’s to a great second year!

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