While I was in Baltimore last weekend, I really wanted to go to the Farmers’ Market.  It’s open April – October on Sunday mornings from 7AM until noonish.  It’s located downtown and is known as the largest producer’s market in Maryland.

It’s actually a Bazaar and market.  The way we entered the market, we past stand of baskets, clothes, jewelry and more.  My niece was very interested in the jewelry, but I wanted to check out the produce.  After a few minutes, we made our way to the market.  The market is located under a couple of bridges.  So, there’s a good deal of shade built in.  That made for a nice walk through.  It was already hot and we were there just after 7AM.


My sister and niece bought some spicy jerky for my brother in law.  The went back and bought some sweet to enjoy as well.  I’ve never seen duck eggs at a market.  I didn’t need any eggs, but I may try them next time.


This booth reminded me of Humble Pie Baking Company here in the Cleveland area.  He had lots of savory and sweet individual pies and a few traditional sized as well.  We purchased a few savory ones to have for lunch.  There was a seafood stand that consistently had customers.  They also had live crabs that my niece liked checking out.


It was easy to tell that the prime in season crops are strawberries and asparagus.  The were everywhere.


My friend Erin (also known as the bride the day before) let us know that there were good breakfast choices at the market.  You can get omelets, donuts, pastries, coffee and crepes.  I opted for a crepe.  It was fun to watch the crew.  There were 2 guys that prepped the ingredients and 2 guys cooking them.  A fifth person took the orders and kept everything moving along.  I love good efficient processes and  loved this stop.  My sister bought some pickles at the In A Pickle stand.  We were surprised at the line for them.  They were tasty, but my sister likes my pickles better.  If pickling cucumbers are ready when we go to Baltimore in July, I’m going to leave a few jars of refrigerator pickles for her.


One of my favorite stands was the mushroom stand.  They all looked so delicious.


I settled on “The Deluxe Mix”.  We ended up cooking them with burgers on Memorial Day.  They were really good.  Locally, I don’t get many opportunities for such a variety in fresh mushrooms.


Between my sister, niece and I, we ended up buying savory pies, mushrooms, asparagus, lettuce mix, dill, jerky, pickles, crepes, and a hula hoop (but that’s a story for a future post).


As we left the market, this guy was playing a saxophone made out of PVC pipe.  He actually could play a tune.  We also passed the free parking that we had been told about.  We actually parked a couple of blocks away in the street and our locale turned out fine.  When I’m in Baltimore on a Sunday morning, I will definitely check out this market again.

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