I’ve been busy the last few weeks, but I am still getting my workouts in (even if is squats while strawberry picking).

Last week, when we met with our trainer, I completed the following:


2 sets of the following:

  • Lateral Band Walk w/ Shoulder Press 5lb x length of gym x 2
  • Single Arm Rope Pulldown 20lb x 20ea
  • Single Arm Overhead Lunge 8lb x 20ea leg
  • Dumbbell Chest Press/Fly Combo on ball 10lb x 20
  • Step up + Lateral Lunge x 12ea leg
  • Punching Back Extension 5lb x 6punches x 15
  • Shoulder Alphabet 5lb
  • Shoulder Retraction 20lb x 20

1 set:

  • Single Leg V-Up x 15ea
  • Bar Fwd/Bkwd Row 6lb x :30ea

Today, my partner and crime worked out with our trainer.  After a 5 minute warm up on the spin bike, I completed the following:

1 set of the following:

  • Single arm/leg V-ups x 20ea
  • Straight Arm Back Extension x 20

2 sets of the following:

  • Cable Single Arm Chest Press 30lb x 15ea
  • Shoulder Circuit 2.5lb x 8 reps x 6 exercises
  • Bus Drivers 45lb bar x 40total
  • Walking Band Figure-8s x length of gym

3 sets of the following:

  • Kneeling Bosu Lat Pulldown 50lb x 20
  • Overhead Lunge x 20ea
  • Cable Good Mornings 50lb x 30
  • Walking Lateral Lunges x length of gym

I suspect my arms and shoulders will be particularly sore tomorrow!  Our summer schedules are quite hectic with lots of travel, so my trainer workouts will be more sporadic, but I plan on exercising on the road and in town as often as possible.

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