On Wednesday, the kids and I headed out to Mike’s Berries in Lagrange, Ohio.  I had never head of Lagrange until I looked it up.  Google showed it 1 hour away.  I don’t usually travel that far for U-Pick, but it met my hour maximum for travel and they have the only “non sprayed, no pesticides” U-Pick strawberries that I found.  Since most of our farms for U-Pick spray, I really wanted to check out this farm.


Right after we arrived, we met Mike.  It was a perfect photo opportunity!  He was quite personable.


When you don’t spray, you get weeds.  This is probably the last year for this patch as it’s getting quite overgrown and will probably be tilled at the end of this season.


Nick and Sally loved investigating the field as they looked for berries.


Soon, they were finding red berries right and left.


The berries taste great, but it wasn’t the best picking.  This is just a really rough year for strawberries everywhere.  Most places have limited U-pick with small berries and are having a very short season.

We ended up picking about 3 quarts.  Grandma Carol and Mike helped us top them off to make an even 4 quarts for $10.


Carol weighed them to make sure we had the full amount we paid for.  A quart should be a pound and a half.  We picked our berries in these quart containers and used their carrier in the field.  Once they were weighed, I put them in a container that I had in the car so they could keep their containers for another customer.


Besides strawberries, Mike’s farm expects to have tomatoes, potatoes, late season berries, and lots of different varieties of garlic this year.  Due to the distance for us to travel, we probably won’t be heading there often, but we really enjoyed our visit and would recommend this farm to others, especially if you live on the west side.

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