Today’s meeting was all about exercise.  I am fortunate to be totally in the groove with exercise.  I’m up to 5-6 solid workouts a week and I am enjoying them.  Dawn is my leader.  She challenged us to keep track of our exercise points this week.  In addition to our daily points bank and weekly allowance, we have the option of using extra points that we gain by moving more.  I’m up for the challenge and will track my exercise points earned this week.  However, I generally choose not to use them.  I’m comfortable with the other points allowed.  So, on the posts about my workouts this week, you’ll notice points earned listed.

For the week 1/20/-1/26, my daily target was 43 (down a point).   I was at or below 43  for 0 days and over 43 for all 7 days.  I used 48/49 of my extra points.  I lost 1.6 pounds this week.  Anything from .5 to 2 pounds is considered good weight loss by Weight Watcher standards.  I didn’t really have the best week since I didn’t get all of my daily guidelines for nutrition in each day.  I’m happy to be down and getting use to tracking again and it’s all good.

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