I had planned to do a post from my Hawaii trip tonight, but alas you’ll have to wait to hear about my snorkeling adventure.

We are in the middle of getting our first real snow fall.  I think we’ve had snow three or four times this season, but this is the first significant lake effect storm.  The kids have been so excited to make a snowman.

When we woke up today, we were disappointed since there wasn’t hardly any snow yet.  We promised them they could play in the snow after nap time.  One thing led to another and then it was dark.

We decided to bring the snow inside.  It was the best decision yet.  The kids had a blast, we didn’t have to get everyone bundled up, and it was easier to clean up than most of our craft projects.

We started out with mittens and gloves, but they quickly figured out their dexterity was better without them.


We tried raisins for eyes and they didn’t stick, so we ended up with Cheerios.  Since Stephen got his braces off, we stock raw carrots again.  They came in handy.


Sally decided to take her clothes off today.  She’s been running around in a diaper.  It was a riot to see her play with the snow without clothes on.


Here they are busy at work.


Nick may or may not have been trying to drink the snow.  He was happy with the ground that he made out of the snow.


We’ll definitely be playing with snow inside again soon.  It was great.

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