Last week, I was at the pool with Sally.  She’s been very interested in swimming since Nick’s taking lessons.  She didn’t even last 5 minutes in the water, but she was so excited to be doing what her brother does.

I ran into one of the lifeguards as we were leaving and she let me know that I needed a new bathing suit.  I was getting worn through from the chlorine in the back.  I thanked her for letting me know.  She said that she feels that its her job to let people know.  I’m glad it sounded like she let someone know everyday.  I never really analyzed my suit before.  I was so self conscious about it after she mentioned it that I threw it away before I left the gym that day.

I knew I had a spare suit at home, so I wasn’t in a hurry to buy another one.  I like having more than one suit, so today I decided to do some shopping.

I spent about 20 minutes shopping on line.  I visited several websites looking for your basic one color, one piece plus size suit that would be appropriate for my water aerobics classes.  One website had an automatic pop up window that offered me an extra 5% discount if I bought the suit on the page.  It popped up every time that I looked up at suit for that website.

I left for a few hours this evening and came back to the computer a few minutes ago.  I still have a few windows open with suits that I am considering.  I was just checking my blog reader and opened a few blogs to read.  There are ads on 2 different blogs for the same swim suits that I was looking at earlier today.  I know that our motions are tracked on the internet.  I am careful to look at legit things.  But, it was very creepy to see myself being targeted.  It kind of makes me want to buy from the company for having good marketing and not buy from them for being creepy at the same time.

Remember, Big Brother is watching!

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