When we were having breakfast this morning it was snowing.  We decided to take advantage of the weather and bundled up for a walk.  I love walks when it is snowing!


We didn’t get a ton of snow.  The roads were clear, but the sidewalks were snowy.  Some had a nice layer of ice underneath.


Before long, everything was snowy, especially our scarves.  Nick and Sally decided that they liked catching snowflakes on their tongues and eating snow.  Nick was carrying a stick and using it to pick up chunks of snow to eat.  It looked kind of like eating a marshmallow from a campfire off the stick.


We ended up walking just over a half mile.  Nick was doing just fine, but started to get really cold when we turned into the wind.  He was having fun walking ahead.  Sally was really tired and wanted to be carried.  She started falling down.  Her ploy didn’t work as we made her walk the whole way.


It was so nice to have some family time outside before there was too much hustle and bustle on the roads.  I’m glad we made sure to enjoy it snowing out, since it’s supposed to be 46 degrees by Tuesday.  This had been the craziest winter!

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  1. So fun! We got another inch of snow too, which is nice because it covered up all the dirty ugly snow! The kids look like they are having fun! :D

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