A couple of weeks ago, we were strawberry picking in Hiram.  On the way home, we stopped at Sirna’s Farm Market.  I had always wanted to stop in, but usually we finish picking before they are open.  The kids like the windmill.


There was a nice market building with great decor inside.


They carried lots of canning supplies.  This time if year, there wasn’t much produce.  We were hoping for some sugar snap peas.  The kids were hungry for a snack.


We asked the clerk about peas and she checked in the back.  They didn’t have any, but offered to go pick some for us.  That was awesome customer service.  While we waited, I picked out a few frozen meat items to try out.


Most of the peas were consumed on the way home.  We also picked up sausage patties, burgers and ground beef.  All of these were local products.  The ground beef was great, but the sausage had too much gristle for my taste.  We haven’t tried the burgers yet.

I’d be interested in stopping in again sometime during the peak of the growing season to see what the produce selection is like.  They are located on route 44, not too far from our favorite blueberry farm, so maybe we’ll be able to check it out again in July.

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