Well, this is the last pick up of the season.  20 weeks sure flew by.  Our miss our weekly trips to Whole Foods, especially since the store is finally back together after their reorganization.

Here’s what we received today:


apples, acorn squash


sweet potatoes, carrots


garlic, green peppers




This is an easy week with lots of things that we love and use all of the time.  We were out of apples, so those will go into oatmeal and lunches for the next few days.  Acorn squash is one of my favorites.  This one is a little past its prime, so I am roasting it the next time I turn on the oven.

We ate some of the sweet potatoes for dinner tonight.  They are fabulous.  I’m going to add the carrots to butternut squash soup this week.  It was my missing ingredient and magically appeared in our box.

Garlic and pepper will both go into an “unstuffed cabbage” dish that I am going to make in the crock pot on Thursday.  It’s swim lesson night and we are all hungry when we get home, so I need a good plan.

The lettuce will go well in salads and wraps for our lunches the next few days.

It’s been a great summer.

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