Now that my blog is up and running,  I’m playing a bit of catch up.   I wanted to capture my workouts to date.  These aren’t detailed, but are a good reminder that I have worked out 6 days a week all year.

Most of the class/spin days are usually accompanied by a few weights.  The trainer days always have at least 20 min of cardio (usually elliptical).  My records will hopefully get more complete as we go.

1/1-cardio class

1/2-cardio class

1/3-spin w/Beth

1/4-train w/Chelsea

1/5-spin w/Lori

1/6-day off

1/7-train w/Emily

1/8-spin w/Terri

1/9-misc workout (pool, row, few machines)

1/10-spin w/Beth

1/11-train w/Chelsea, Biggest Loser workout in the evening.

1/12-spin w/Lori

1/13-day off

1/14 train w/Emily

1/15 cardio dance w/Chrystal

1/16-cardo class

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