Well, I was excited to go to the BL workout today. Last week’s BOSU workout was great and the same trainers were in charge today.
Andy and Terrance changed things up a bit and did a circuit/boot camp type of workout. We did some laps and then broke into 3 groups. Each group did a series of 1 min exercises and then we switched to the next station. We had a BOSU station, resistance band station and a misc. station. After rotating through, we finished with abs and stretching. It was a good workout, but I liked last week’s workout better. The workout lasted about 45 minutes and I warmed up on the elliptical for 15 min first.

Thanks go out to Barb, Barbara and Terri. All three of them complimented my weight loss today. Every once in a while you reach a point where everyone notices all at once. Today was that day for me. It felt awesome. I’m mostly in the groove and feeling great. I try to focus on that (and not how much more I need to lose to be healthy).

Activity points earned: 2 elliptical, 4 BL work out=6 total

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  1. Yay Lyn! That’s really exciting! P09X starts for us on Monday, so hopefully I’ll be in the same boat in a few weeks.

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