So, this week’s meeting was about sticking with the program. Everyone has bad days, weeks, slumps, meals, etc. It’s all a matter of perspective and how you handle them. The bottom line is to keep at it. Eventually, you make some positive changes, see some positive results and it gets easier. I don’t know that I ever think it’s easy, but after my horrible eating week, I needed to hear the topic today.

My regular leader Dawn, was not there today. She was busy on Fox 8 doing a recipe. You can check her out here.

Liz filled in. I generally hate it when we have a sub. Liz did a fine job, but it’s just not the same energy as our regular meetings.

For the week 1/27-2/2, my daily target was 43. I was at or below 43 for 0 days and over 43 for all 7 days. I used 98/49 of my extra points (that’s double). Technically, I could choose to use some of the 63 exercise points that I earned this week, but I don’t usually do that. Anyway you look at it, I had a terrible week. I can not have “3 order whatever you want meals out”, plus be lacking in fruits, veggies and generally healthy guidelines and call it a good week. I gained 1.6 pounds this week.  I’m not surprised and I’m going to have a great week beginning today.

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  1. Lyn, I love your stats! And I also appreciate your transparency! I think it’s important not only so that you have a record and a reminder, but also so that others know you are human and it’s a struggle–but you keep going!

    I think you should let yourself off the hook a little (but maybe only a little) and recognize that if you count your exercise points, you were UNDER for your extra points. Having said that, you did gain and that makes me so mad when I do that!!!! I also get very frustrated and want to quit. I always want to eat poorly when I gain (or don’t lose “enough”) because I am not eating the yummy bad foods and that’s okay with me so long as I get results–if I don’t, I may as well eat the bad foods! This is TERRIBLE by the way because if I eat the bad foods, I will not only not lose a little but I WILL GAIN and it will probably be a lot.

    Anyways, great attitude! Keep it up!!! <3

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