Today, the kids and I had a great day at the J.  We were running early and I was a bit worried about occupying them until I wanted to drop them off at Kid Kare, but we left the house anyway.  Not 5 min after we were in the J, it started to pour.  It rained and rained and was very dark.  We were glad that we were dry and inside.  We visited the locker room and stopped by the new Kid Kare room.  Wednesday, the Kid Kare is moving into a brand new purpose built space that opens to the gym.  My son enjoys checking out the construction progress.  Today, they were opening and unloading new furniture and toys.

After I dropped off the kids, I did a few sets of abs and back extension and headed to spin class.  Beth was back from vacation and it was a great class full of tan people who just returned from various spring breaks.

Next up: trainer workout with Chelsea and week 3, day 1 of C25K training

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Apr 042011
1/2c oatmeal w/3/4c milk, 1 apple, cinnamon, 1T peanut butter=9
drank the other 1/4c milk
Morning Snack
Luna Bar=5
pumpkin pancakes w/peanut butter=15
salsa, chips=5
roll up w/meat, pepper, onion, cheese=10
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