Today, the kids and I stayed home until after 3pm.  It was nice to relax (clean) most of the day and get a few things done.  After nap time, we headed to the JCC so I could take the BOSU sculpt class.  Kim teaches this class and it is very challenging.  It’s also the type of class that you can modify to your level.  Today, there were only 5 participants.  I think 60 degrees and sunny had something to do with the low attendance.

I had planned to take the class with a friend.  They were a “no show”, but I ran into my friend Angela and she’s interested in trying the class out.  So, we have a date in two weeks.  (Next week is Passover, so all of the Jewish Community Center schedules are changed up a bit).

Next up: off day Friday due to ENT appointments for Nick and Sally.  Hopefully, we’ll work in a walk or playground trip.

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Apr 142011
1/2c oatmeal, 1T peanut butter, 1c milk
mandarin orange
Morning Snack
carrot muffin (lots of squash and carrot)
pasta w/pepper, shrooms, sauce, cheese
Afternoon Snack
Luna Bar
mushrooms, peppers, fillet, carrot muffin
Late Snack
banana w/1T peanut butter
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