As I approach my bed time, here are 10 things that are on my mind.

  1. I didn’t track my food yesterday or today.
  2. I need to track since I want to get to a healthy weight.  I’m considering the 100 days of real food challenge to help spice things up a bit.
  3. I took photos of my food on Saturday.  It was challenging to stop, think and shoot, before eating.  I’d like to do this once per week.  It’s different and will also allow me to practice my photography.
  4. I took Beth’s spin class today.  It was GREAT!
  5. I’m looking forward to my first trainer workout with Paula tomorrow morning.  I’ve wanted to try one of her workouts for a while.
  6. I’m thinking about putting my C25K training on hold until later in the year.  (Read: after I take some more weight off so it’s a bit easier on me physically.  I think extra walking and keeping up with other cardio is better at this point.  I haven’t made a final decision yet..)
  7. The kitchen is still a mess from dinner, but it was yummy.  We had pork chops, red peppers, green beans and sweet potatoes.  It’s time to do the dishes.
  8. I still need to pack for the morning.
  9. I’m happy and tired.
  10. I did three blog posts today and feel caught up from the weekend.  I’m learning a few new tools to make photos easier and I’m liking it.
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Since we were going to be away on Saturday, I decided to try and capture my food intake via photos.  After doing this for one day, I am so much more impressed by bloggers who photograph their food on a daily basis.  So, this is my “food log” for Saturday.

My day started with oats (oatmeal, milk, pear, sunflower butter and cinnamon).


On the way to Pittsburgh, I had a snack.


We took a break at the museum and I had blueberry Greek Yogurt, a bite of Stephen’s wrap, a roll and a taste of Stephen’s yogurt.



Later, I had this “happy child burger” and awesome vegetarian chili.


I enjoyed a snack after swimming before we ventured to dinner.


At Church Brew Works, house brewed birch beer (x2 since Nick didn’t like his), almost half of this spinach, feta, smoked gouda cheese dip with bread, and a main course of pork chop with polenta and a taste of the spicy slaw.


Before bed, I tried a piece of leftover pizza that the kids shared at dinner.


I didn’t try to add up the points, but it was plenty for sure.

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Sunday, we enjoyed breakfast at the hotel, swam again and then headed over to the National Aviary.  It’s also known as a bird zoo.  We were happy that our Akron Zoo membership that we purchased through Groupon, entitled us to free entry.  We aren’t beyond paying entrance fees, but we enjoy getting our money’s worth out of our memberships.

Here are out first impressions.  Sally was worn out from the swim and slept for the first 30 minutes or so.


Stephen and Nick were sporting their hats on this beautiful sunny day.  Here’s Nick looking at the first birds we saw as we entered.


We saw lots of other birds.


We enjoyed a feeding here at the Wetlands.


We fed the Lories.



We also had lunch (1/2 packed and 1/2 purchased from the café), saw the penguins, and enjoyed a flight show during our visit.  The kids started getting crabby around 1pm and we headed home.  We arrived home in time for dinner.

My activity for Saturday and Sunday involved site seeing and swimming with the kids.  It was not a lazy weekend by the pool.

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