Today, I had my second sampler workout with Paula.  I really loved today’s workout.  The exercises were rather simple, but mighty.  I liked that we didn’t use too much equipment and that many of the exercises could be practiced at home.  My favorite was the inch worm.  I especially like the name of that since Nick is always pretending to be a snake, worm or other creature.  You can watch a video here.

I warmed up on the elliptical for 15 minutes and then met with Paula for 30 min.  We did a variety of exercises and I need to get a copy of them so I can incorporate them into other workouts.  Today’s workout felt great.

Tonight, I attended an Ohio Blogging Association dinner.  I’ll tell you more about it tomorrow.

Next exercise: cardio workout at the J tomorrow afternoon.

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Apr 192011
1/2c oatmeal, 1c milk, 2 small apples, 1T peanut butter, cinnamon
Morning Snack
pizza chop bread
Afternoon Snack
Touch Supper Club
tomato soup
mushroom gnocchi
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